Metal MYKE thowing down on a 7 string: at our pre production studio. Myke was a touring musician for Sheila E... and has been in bands that have opened for PRINCE,  AUDIOSLAVE,  Red Hot Chili Peppers

We are still working on the FULL ALBUM in pre production (yes taking a while we know LOL)  We just want the best of the best!

While we have been working on the full album we have been approached by a record label about releasing a couple singles into the commercial market We are finalizing the contractual agreements at present as well as deciding on what commercial recording studio to track these 2 songs at.

The first song is called
 (APOCALYPTIC)  We are very excited about these 2 songs - you wont be disappointed we promise!!! THEY GRIND / THEY ROCK

We will let you know when the release date is Via the Record Label 


OCT / 2017