WELL we are on the last song for our upcoming CONCEPT ALBUM (7 THEORY) this has been a massive endeavor and taken years to complete. There will be around 26 tracks of music (interludes - main songs)
 & a running time of 2 and a half HRS long 

This album is a trip 4 sure and is very diversified!!

THINK PINK FLOYD'S  THE WALL - QUEENSRYCHE'S  OPERATION MINDCRIME from the conceptual standpoint - HOWEVER this is a album about the 7 YEAR TRIBULATION (Pre Trib - Post Trib) and yes it sounds like us 4 sure - but again diverse!!!

We will be seeking (private funding rather than the record label route) it will cost around $70,000 to 80,000 just in recording budget alone. 

We will seek to get it LICENSED through SONY - UNIVERSAL MUSIC and go from there - if we have to SELF RELEASE it that will be another $40,000 to $50,000 on top of the recording budget for PROMO - PUBLICIST - RADIO CAMPAIGN - VIDEOS

PLEASE keep us in your prayers with this endeavor...

Much Love.... GW   


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